Workers Compensation Check

MECHINICALA workers compensation claims history report contains information taken from two types of government documents: Report of Injury and Court Contested Claims. These reports typically contain information such as date of injury, time lost, employer during time of the incident, type of injury, body part, and job related disability. Depending on the reporting state, information may vary. This search helps to disclose the safety history of the applicant to determine if they represent a possible danger to others, determine if an applicant has falsified their medical history, and the location of employers who were left off the job application due to workers compensation claims. Unfortunately, not all states workers compensation records are accessible, and some may take days, weeks, and/or very specific documentation in order to receive the information. If researching an Oklahoma Workman’s Compensation record, the turnaround time is typically 24 hours because we send a researcher daily to the Workers Compensation office in Oklahoma City.